Mike Geary

Born in Michigan, Mike has become the premier outfitter on the famous Smith river. His dedication, energy, & vision combined to help start the Fund in 1998. As lead outfitter for his operation, Lewis & Clark Expeditions, Mike has logged many days on several Montana streams, spent plenty of time in the saddle packing clients into high mountain lakes, and sponsored the annual summer float trips for Paul Newman's "Hole in the Wall Gang" camp for kids with cancer.

Jerry Wilkerson

Jerry is a native Montanan and head guide for PRO, a long-time fishing operation centered in Helena. His years of experience on a series of rivers bring a wealth of creativity and personal connections so vital for the Fund's success.

Todd Wester

Raised in Laurel and Livingston, Montana, Todd tied flies as a teenager, enough flies to sponsor his education at Stanford. Todd's local insights, continuing interest, and young son-as-angler make him an ideal leader for our Board.

Randy Cain

Nearly baptized in the Gallatin river, Randy has spent countless hours working to improve Montana's fisheries. His business acumen coupled with his enthusiasm serves the Fund well.

Phil Gonzalez

Phil, born into a family of seven kids, brings a keen sense of survival and how to make do to our considerations. Operating a lodge and fishing operation on the Bighorn, Phil has originated the "Huck Finn" kid's day on that river, teaching many local youngsters how to fish and appreciate the fishery.