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Sponsoring projects that conserve and enhance Montana's waters and fisheries, our most important resources.

Why we started the Fund

At first, we helped other national conservation groups
As an industry and individually, fishing outfitters and guides support other national organizations' research and management projects that protect Montana's fisheries and river systems. We recognize our duty to support river conservation, to give back to the rivers, streams, and lakes where we make a living every day.

But, we wanted to connect with local conservation efforts
So, several board members of the Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana (FOAM), our parent organization, formed this conservation fund with one simple purpose: bringing together our interests and the friends who share them to sponsor local projects that will conserve and enhance Montana's waters and the fisheries they nourish.

How do we get our funding and where does it go?

Membership dues and contributions, matched by selected foundation grants, pay for all of our projects. We focus on smaller, local projects with immediate, measurable effects. The bulk of our administrative overhead is covered by FOAM, so 95% of dues, contributions, and grants go directly to projects.

What kinds of projects do we sponsor?

Legitimate, carefully planned proposals to keep our rivers clean and free flowing, maintain healthy fish populations, and provide responsible recreation.

Topics for proposals we consider include:

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